White truffle sauce

This delicious white truffle specialty is a true culinary treasure, an explosion of taste and scents that transforms every dish into a gourmet delight. Thanks to its versatility, it is ideal as a condiment for a wide range of culinary preparations, from simple bruschetta to delicious meat and fish dishes. The cultivated mushrooms (Agaricus bisporus), fresh and aromatic, form the basis of this specialty, giving a note of pleasantness and texture that goes perfectly with the white truffle (Tuber magnatum Pico). White truffle, with its prestige and rarity, is the distinctive ingredient of this specialty. With its intense and enveloping aroma, it gives a touch of refinement and luxury to every dish, making it a true sensory experience. The sunflower seed oil, carefully chosen, completes this speciality with its lightness and delicacy. This oil allows the flavours of mushrooms and white truffles to emerge elegantly, without overpowering each other. The green olives, carefully selected, add a touch of freshness and a slight note of bitterness that balances the complex flavours of this speciality. The ingredients are carefully combined with salt, flavouring and ascorbic acid (E300) to achieve a harmonious balance of flavours and ensure the freshness of the product. With its versatility, this specialty is ideal for enriching a wide range of dishes. You can use it as a condiment for croutons and fillings for appetizers, first and second courses, adding a note of delicacy to each bite. Omelettes reach new heights of goodness with this dressing, while truffle dishes are elevated to a higher level of sophistication thanks to its presence. Every taste of this specialty with white truffle will take you on a unique and exciting culinary journey. The enveloping aroma of white truffle, combined with the delicacy of cultivated mushrooms and the elegance of sunflower seed oil, will make each dish an extraordinary experience to be enjoyed slowly and appreciated in every detail. Whether it's a special dinner or a daily lunch, this specialty with white truffle will make every moment a festive occasion for the palate. Discover the pleasure of using this delicacy in the kitchen and let yourself be conquered by its refined taste and unmistakable goodness. Share this unique culinary experience with your loved ones and discover the privilege of tasting white truffles, a real culinary gem. Ingredients: Cultivated mushrooms (Agaricus bisporus), sunflower oil, green olives, white truffle 1% (Tuber magnatum Pico), salt, flavouring, ascorbic acid: E300. Expiry date: 36 months. How to use: To make the best use of the product's qualities, it is recommended to use a quantity of 15-20 g of cream per person, heating for 5 minutes in the pan after adding only salt and extra virgin olive oil. It is ideal as a condiment for croutons and fillings for starters and main courses, omelettes and in any case as a base for all truffle dishes. Organoleptic characteristics: Consistency: fine grain Colour: cream tending to yellow Odour: typical of the product, intense truffle Flavour: typical and pleasant Consistency: compact and dense State: solid Allergens: The product does not contain allergenic substances or products containing such components. During collection, transfer and processing, the product is not subject to any risk of cross-contamination. Gluten-free. Contains preservatives (E300). Nutritional values per 100 g: Energy Kj 1101 / Kcal 268 Fat 28 g of which saturated fatty acids 3.2 g Carbohydrates 0.9 g of which sugars 0.6 g Fibre 1.6 g Protein 1.9 g Salt 1.08 g

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