Fine black truffle sauce

This delicious specialty based on fine black truffle is a real gastronomic delight. The truffle sauce, with its rich and enveloping taste, is an ideal choice to enhance the flavour of many dishes. Its versatility makes it perfect for garnishing any type of pasta, from noodles to ravioli, giving each dish a touch of luxury and refinement. Fresh and tasty mushrooms (agaricus bisporus) are the main ingredients of this truffled sauce. Their sweetness and delicacy are harmoniously combined with summer black truffle (tuber aestivum vitt.), which with its unmistakable aroma and characteristic taste gives a note of delicacy to every bite. Porcini mushrooms (boletus edulis and its group) are another precious ingredient of this sauce, giving it an earthy and enveloping flavour that further enriches its complexity of taste. Sunflower oil is carefully chosen for its lightness, allowing the flavours of mushrooms and truffles to emerge without being overwhelmed. The ingredients are expertly combined with sugar, salt and pepper to achieve a perfect balance of flavour. The addition of citric acid (e330) as an acidity regulator helps to further enhance the aromas and flavours of the truffle sauce. The fine black truffle used in this specialty comes from Italy or other regions of the European Union, guaranteeing its authenticity and provenance. The choice to use black summer truffle adds a note of freshness and pleasantness, making this sauce a perfect companion for every season. Truffle sauce is an ideal companion for a variety of dishes. You can use it to garnish tasty omelettes, gourmet pizzas, irresistible bruschetta and delicious croutons. The culinary possibilities are endless, allowing you to experiment and amaze your guests with its goodness and refinement. With every tablespoon of this truffle sauce, you can immerse yourself in an extraordinary culinary experience. Its richness of flavours and the delicacy of the precious black truffle will bring a touch of elegance to every dish, transforming it into a feast for the palate. Experience its magic in the kitchen and let yourself be conquered by its unmistakable goodness. Share this unique delicacy with your loved ones and enjoy the pleasure of an unparalleled culinary experience. Ingredients: Champignon mushrooms (agaricus bisporus), porcini mushrooms (boletus edulis and its group), sunflower oil, summer black truffle (tuber aestivum vitt.) 5%, sugar, salt, pepper, acidity regulator: citric acid (e330), flavourings. Origin of the truffle: Italy/EU. Expiry date: 24 months. How to use: The truffle sauce is ideal for garnishing any type of pasta, omelettes, pizzas, bruschetta, croutons. Organoleptic characteristics: Consistency: medium-intensity creamy Colour: brown with darker pieces Smell: typical of truffle Flavour: typical of truffle Allergens: Product free of allergens. Nutritional values per 100 g: Energy Kj 1344 / Kcal 321 Fats 31.4 g of which saturated fatty acids 2.3 g Carbohydrates 7.6 g of which sugars 3.1 g Fibre 0.7 g Protein 1.8 g Salt 1.55 g

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