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Business opportunities

Open your own franchise store or eCommerce dedicated to truffles.

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Open a franchise business

Open your own franchise store or restaurant in your city, airport or casinò dedicated to truffles and products Made in Italy without any commission cost.

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Open an eCommerce with us

We provide the design and layouts, products made in Italy and an e-commerce built with Shopify, as well as all the experience of professionals in the field.

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Your brand at private label

We provide unique resources that include R&D, proprietary device design and complete manufacturing capabilities. TrufflEat can bring a product from a dream to reality.

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Export Made in Italy

TrufflEAT® exports the best Italian truffles to individuals, entrepreneurs and independents. Express fast delivery within 24/48/72 hours worldwide.

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Earn up to 10% commission

You can not only become a member of our team and help us spread the word about your favorite products, but you can also be compensated for your efforts.

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Become our export manager

We are hiring an export manager with industry experience in truffle business, good english communication and presentation skills, knowledge of export laws and regulations.